Deciding Between African Short Hair Styles

african short hair stylesThe most common hairdos that middle-aged people prefer are inspired by African short hair styles. Though the industries of fashion and style change day by day, there are still many people who prefer to choose comfort over trends. This is why many people can still be seen with clothes and hairdos that were popular years ago.

The media through its inclusion of African American actors has played a significant role in creating popularity for such hairdos. Inspired by styles worn by famous actors and actresses, many people choose to style their hair in African short hair styles, thus mimicking the stars or famous people.

The crew cut or light bald look is the most common with men. This is mainly because such hairdos are known to be associated with masculinity. The crew cut is new to people in America and other countries however, it is an age-old trend for men and some women in Africa, but for entirely different reasons.

The weather and atmosphere in Africa is extremely hot and with such extreme conditions the people prefer to have locks that are short, or to remain completely bald. This helps wearers stay cool and is easily manageable, as the country is also known to suffer from a shortage of water and other basic elements. In such cases it does not take more than a mug of water to keep the locks clean.

There are different lengths to a crew cut depending on whether it is for men or for women. Common trends show that the completely bald look is better suited for men as compared to women, considering the gender-specific significance of long locks for females, a slightly long but grunge cut is preferred.

The bald look amongst women is also growing in popularity, with many middle aged women trying to carry off this bold style. There are several other choices to make for women as compared to men as, women have the opportunity to style their locks in a number of ways.

Women and girls can do a number of things to short length locks to suit a number of occasions. When attending a formal event just a straight blow dry followed by hold spray will make you look neat and sophisticated. This can be done to bob cuts and similar length tresses. When dressing for a casual event, simply brushing through the hair and leaving it open can also make a completely acceptable look as well.

A woman can also use an old technique to style her tresses. A traditional Alice band is still an active part of a fashion accessories list. It can be used to give a timeless and elegant look to a person making it an acceptable style for a casual and a formal event.

When trying to decide the best African short hair style that suits you, always try different things. You are bound to find a look that makes you feel good and appear beautiful at the same time. If you are lucky, you may find more than one look that suits you perfectly.